Belgrade, Serbia | full time

Software engineer

As an early technical hire, you will have the opportunity to make important contributions to various aspects of one of the most ambitious generative AI projects around. Depending on your skills and interests, you will..

Belgrade, Serbia | full time

Salesfore marketing Cloud specialist

We are looking for Passion Seekers. You genuinely care about the work that you do and its impact on society. Self-Starters. You’re a go-getter who isn’t afraid to step up and disrupt the status quo.Entrepreneurs. You bring fresh ideas to the table, work hard, develop business and consistently seek new challenges. Collaborators. You’re a great contributor to a high performing team that accomplishes great feats for our clients

Belgrade, Serbia | full time

Backend Engineer

We are seeking a high-performing backend software engineer to help us build and deliver software and systems that work with large quantities of data in efficient, maintainable ways. This person will have significant ownership of technology and software used in our production systems and will have the opportunity to gain significant experience in our technology stack which includes Go, bare-metal Kubernetes, Docker, ceph,, GitHub, WebSockets, RESTful APIs, Kafka, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch.