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Vlada M. (Web Analyst)

Vladimir sees himself as an interpreter. He believes that math is a perfect language. If fed with the right data, it will tell you amazing stories. His job is to translate those stories into actionable insights.

Vladimir is passionate about philosophy and chili peppers. The mean of this data set is 'The Philosopher's Cookbook' but translated into actionable insights, it is more Wittgenstein and Carolina Reaper.

He even invented his own special mind-blowing recipe - sarma with wasabi sauce, and trust us when we say it's not for those who are faint of heart.

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Vlada J. (Web Analyst)

Vladimir is a true detective when we talk about data. For him every dataset is like a crime scene with a lot of evidence where he needs to collect, label, categorize, and visualize data to get a clear picture of what's going on. When you talk with him about data you will see that he is really passionate about his job.

His hobby is fishing which is very serious even though he never catches fish heavier than 3kg. But he is trying very hard.

He is in good shape, starting this Monday you can find him in the gym after work (same story for the previous 3 years).

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Stefan I. (PPC Team Leader)

Lover of the ever-changing digital world, Stefan is a PPC specialist that's been helping businesses grow online since 2014. Years of experience creating, managing, and optimizing Paid Advertising Campaigns make him a hotshot in meeting key KPIs and target ROAS.

Being client-focused, Stefan genuinely enjoys seeing positive results and the value his work brings to his clients. In parallel to his role as a Digital marketing manager, he welcomes mentoring people starting a career in PPC. Stefan also teaches PPC advertising at Internet Academy, where he tries to demystify the best practices of Paid Search Marketing to his students.

Apart from being a digital marketing geek, he is passionate about seeing the world and exploring its hidden corners. Stefan lives by the life motto Why walk when you can dance. In the wild, he can be found dancing salsa a lot.

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Igor K. (Web Analyst)

Igor is a Web Analyst on a mission. He enjoys dissecting data to understand the 'what,' the 'who,' and the 'why' questions behind it. His analytical and coding skills mix proves to be the right puzzle piece in collecting, measuring, and visualizing complex data from multiple angles. The ultimate goal – to create value and extract actionable insights from raw data. He is one of those people who loves their job.

When he's not talking about meeting clients' targets and ROIs, he's probably talking about sports. He claims that playing sports is better than watching it. For those fond of martial arts, Igor is your go-to wushu_bjj_MMA guy.

He has always had a taste for adventure and breaking out of his comfort zone. Not surprisingly, you can often find him planning his next big trip. He's a globetrotter, even if he would never use that word.

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Iva (Social Media Manager)

Iva knows all the secrets of the fine art of pay-per-click advertising. She works across various channels, but her tool of choice will always be paid social media. On any given day, you’ll likely find her implementing data-driven optimizations and monitoring the performance of PPC accounts. For a self-confessed overthinker, she is an incredibly focused can-doer who proves time and again to have a magic bullet for solving complex problems and nailing clients’ campaigns.

Thanks to her perceptiveness and a keen interest in psychology, friends often see her as the best person to ask for advice. She especially likes hanging out with people who make her forget to look at her phone. Oh and she is absolutely hooked on Latin dancing, reggaeton and tropical rhythms.

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Sanjin (PPC Manager)

Sanjin is so passionate about analyzing data that his wife once said, oh I wish I could turn it into a Google sheet just for one day.

He is very determined and likes to finish what he started. Sometimes he goes too much into details and people tell him that he is a perfectionist which is probably just a nice way of saying he has OCD.

Sanjin likes to work out but was banned from the gym for making weird noises. So now he pushes and pulls data instead of weights.

He always has a smile on his face and joking is his way to keep a good atmosphere in the team. Sometimes he even says something funny.

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Aleksandar S. (PPC Manager)

Did someone say analysis? Despite the results, this man will always suspiciously “raise his eyebrows and tilt his head to one side.“ There is no certainty; there is only adventure - as any good (skeptical) analyst will tell you. For Aleksandar, there is always going to be something interesting worth investigating. Fully committed to analyzing, fully satisfied when reanalyzing all the accumulated data.

When he’s not behind the screen doing A/B testing for work, you’ll find him doing A/B testing for pleasure. When his girlfriend asks him to choose between two dishes she wants to cook, he always chooses both options - for the purpose of split testing, of course. Apart from eating great food, he became fond of weightlifting.

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Ljubomir (Graphic Designer)

Besides being a top-notch graphic designer and a visual storyteller, Ljubomir is also an ex-footballer who always has a smile on his face and a joke up his sleeve. The only thing he dislikes in humor is pretending that his favorite club (Red Star) isn’t the most dominant team of all time - in every sport ever. Beyond that, everything else is up for discussion.

When he’s not developing concepts and reviewing layouts, you’ll probably find Ljubomir running after his two little girls and enjoying every second of it. He believes he’s a downtowner, but we know he’s living the suburban life.

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Filip L. (Graphic Designer)

Filip is a self-taught graphic design magician. With years of experience under his belt, he’s always looking for inventive ways to balance creativity with usability. His forward thinking helps him (and us) come up with optimal, user-oriented solutions.

A gamer, a friend, a sports enthusiast (can occasionally be seen at the gym), an old soul trapped in a young man’s body – those are just a few of the words that could best describe Filip. His flaws are most frequently but virtues in disguise. And vice versa.

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Jovan K. (Developer)

Jovan has a history of accomplishing the seemingly impossible in app and web development. He has an extensive skillset in several programming languages. – but the .js ecosystem will always be his No.1 choice.

Loves developing strategies and creating models, hates wrapping his head around someone else’s architecture, zealous about coding and forming an intricate relationship with his own code.

After hours, you can find him catching up with his friends, going for a swim, or watching TV gems such as Game of Thrones and Office. He really went for Peaky Blinders. How do we know that? He talked with a Brummie accent for two weeks after the show ended.

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Aleksandar D. (Developer)

Passionate about all things development, Aleksandar knows his tech stuff. He has nothing but love for Python’s versatility, PHP’s coding standards and Laravel’s elegance.

As a developer, he loves to hate poorly written technical documentation. Unsurprisingly, he prefers to use his time and effort in coding, debugging, or discussing coding with other developers. This highly productive night owl says the best ideas come to him in the wee hours of the night.

In his spare time, Aleksandar enjoys exploring the great outdoors. When he’s not in the mountains hiking, he likes to get lost in video games - a massive fan of the Witcher, Apex and Total War scenery.

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Dusan V. (Frontend Developer)

Well-versed in both the technical and creative sides of web designing, Dusan is our master problem solver. In a nutshell, he is great at making things work - either turning a design into a user-friendly and Google-friendly website or writing JavaScript functions.

He perceives his job as a puzzle and a series of happy little problems waiting to be solved. In other words, he is working his dream job. Even so, he knows that to solve problems every day, you have to spend time not solving problems every day. That is why Dusan is a man of great passions.

Whether boxing, cycling or drinking beer, he always gives his all. He feels that his favorite pastimes only make him better at his job. This is particularly true for the beer-drinking part.